Two California Residents Sue Twitter for Unsolicited Text Messages



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Technically the 2 individuals are correct.

However, since we are humans and not robots, they should instead stop whining (schwarzenegger accent) and go something productive for the humanity.



> It ranks up there with the the lady who sued McDonalds for not telling her the coffee was hot.

That coffee story has been built up mainly by the insurance industry to further its own ends ("tort reform"), and has been thoroughly debunked. See the documentary "Hot Coffee," for starters.

Or better yet, just use your common sense. Nobody sues a company with the resources of McDonald's or Twitter unless they're sure their case is so overwhelmingly just that it will stand up to assault by an army of the best lawyers corporate money will buy. (You really think those poor, picked-on companies also need YOU to stand up for them?? ROFLMAO.)

There's usually also a larger principle at stake. In this case, that's obvious: when a consumer says "no" it means "NO!" and corporations are not free to add their own interpretation. Personally, I think I'd like to hear a court say that.



So sick of people trying to make money using the legal system. I SO hope this is case is thrown out just to keep other stupid people from trying the same.



Just don't let the Judge throw out the case. Get the Judge to fine them, for wasting the courts time.



It ranks up there with the the lady who sued McDonalds for not telling her the coffee was hot. No wonder the number of lawyers per capita in this country exceeds most of the nations in the world. Idiotic!



Gotta side with plaintiffs on this one except for one thing... they should be sueing their phone company instead of twit for participating in anti-competive pricing. Charging for texting is so nickel and dime these days...



Once I came close to the US border and was sent a text from my cell phone company welcoming me to the US. They of course charged me roaming fees for the text. I phoned them up and they reversed the charge, but it was a pain in the ass.



I'm with aarcane on this one.  It's a standard practice, but if they're really sutbborn, give then actual damages and be done with it.  That works out to nothing for most people since they have text plans, but may be 10-50 cents each.


Hopefully they got cheap lawyers.



I think the court should revoke their phone privileges for being such dumb a****s



Youz a dumbass, gonna get your ass whooped



Damages, at best, should be awarded.  in the amount of the cost of the incoming messages at the plaintiff's current SMS rate.  What's the current going rate for an expensive, not-on-an-sms-plan message these days?  40 cents?  At the same time, the plaintiff's should realize that a confirmation message is a COURTESY, and we do try to make a point of not suing people who are courteous toward us.



Huh?  I don't get it.  They claim they received an unwanted SMS, but then claim they received a message from an automatic telephone dialer.  Which is it?  A phone call or an SMS message?

While I agree some places will send you several messages to bug you to reconsider, I don't think Twitter did that.  They just confirmed their request.  What else are they supposed to do?  I'd much rather have a confirmation message, once, vs wonder if they received my messgae, only to find out they didn't and are still bugging me.

I think these guys are bored and looking for 15 minutes of fame and money to cover rent for a few months.  Clowns.  Surely there is something better the courts could be spending their time on than this.



Wow! I thought i have heard it all, i guess i better find an attorney and sue every company that ever sent me a confirmation text after i opted out. I'm going to be rich!!!!! Stupid People!!!!!!

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