Twitter-Based Reality Show Said to be on the Way



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It is WAY past time for the glorious death of "Reality TV".  Sad, sad individuals watch that crap. 



That actually goes for both Twitter and the show, lol.



reality television is SHIT. I used to watch tv to get away from reality. Reality tv is also SHIT because it's responsible for the drop in ratings and subsequent removal of all my favorite tv shows.  They keep making reality tv shows because there is a rather large mass of morons / retards / failboaters out there who gobble this shit up like fat kids in a cookie store. But they'll keep pumping it out because we sane people are far outweight by said morons / retards / failboaters.




oh! oh! oh! i have a good idea!!! lets make a Myspace reality show too! and i have another completely unrelated idea, a facebook reality show! it'll be awesome! you can watch people sit on their computers stalking other people on their favorite social networking site! yay!

I completely agree with you, Caboose. 




 And Ashton Kutcher and Demie Moore have threatened to remove their twitter accounts should this show be produced.

We don't need any more "reality" tv shows. They are fucking retarded and show just how far we as a species have fallen...


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-

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