Twitter to Tap into Advertising, Convert Growth into Revenue



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I have heard about an online brochure printing company that turned growth intro revenue. They had a funny website with funny prints so people visited more and more. After a few years they managed to do it but it was on a small scale. What Twitter is trying to do is very hard but I hope they manage to do it.



Took them a lot indeed, but sincerely i thought they would be able to come up with an idea better than this one. Anyway, it's not like the numbers are actually real, links are often clicked just to be clicked, it's like the LUA. Nobody knows what exactly they agree to, but they agree. There will always be something like a publisher network so the only thing we have to do is just to get used to it. I have to admit it, it’s not that bad at all.


Jewell Gonzalez

 I almost feel sorry for twitterers...Sike! Social networks are gay.


J. Gonzalez



Didn't take Twatter long to screw it's twats did it soon it'll be just like Fag(face)book and Dildo(bibo) I just love paying 70 bucks a month to watch ads NOT if i wanted to do that i'd turn on the tele 


Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!



What do you mean it didn't take them long?  It took them forever.  Twitter has been around since 2006.  That's 4 years with no clear plan as to how to make money, which seems like a long time, but really it's an eternity.

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