Twitter Spat Blamed for NYC Murder



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Guns down kill people, the Interwebz does!



Hahaha I did one of those loud snort like laughs when I saw that picture, I'm sitting in the middle of class so it was a little awkward.  Awesome picture as always Mr. Lilly.  


~~The difference between insanity and genius is merely succes~~



 Same here, sometimes I laugh so hard and get a load of people staring haha.




Stories like that make it totally worth it.

-Paul Lilly



Twitter (aka Murder Bird) has no gang affiliation or negative predisposition. Just like the rest of the internet.



I think this statement: "That's crazy. I don't know what's going on with that Twitter thing."  Just about sums it all up. Ignorance.  It has nothing to do with Twitter at all. The bickering was transported by a medium, in this particular case it happened to be the internet and twitter. There are any number of other ways to argue, including good old face to face sound waves. The PROBLEM is parenting, or lack thereof. Likely on both sides, but definitely on Blake's side.



Your right, twitter has no fault in this matter at all, but I doubt that this wouldn't had escalated to the point of a murder if it wasn't through the internet. Arguing is always easier on the internet. I always laughed at my old classmates in highschool who would only argue with me through MSN or facebook. You know, ITGS (internet tough guy syndrome). But whenever I would confront them at school they would always try to run off or try to downplay things.




 Your saying a imparial 3rd medium is NOT responsible for murder, what are you a Gamer? Everyone knows that "video game thing" is a murder simulator! A fancy lawer guy even said so!

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