Twitter Search Queries Soar to 800 Million Per Day



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Replyz Team

Even if these soaring numbers are inflated by API calls from Twitter apps and so forth, it's clear they are going to be a formidable force in the search space. The growing volume of Tweets is making Twitter results more accurate all the time, and this may reach a critical threshold. As a largely Twitter-based search service ourselves (we display a searchable stream of the questions people are asking on Twitter, see we're finding that as Tweet volume grows, our index improves and searches are getting much more accurate.



"800 million per day. That works out to 24 million searches per month."


I'm half drunk and I know that math doesn't work. 



I thought the same thing

"That means the company, which is trying to brand itself as an
“information network” rather than a social network, is handling 24
billion queries a month."

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