Twitter Name Recognition High, Actual Usage Low



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I wonder which one's more apealing to people? Twitter is just text messaging brought online that's really it. It's all about 150characters(standard text message length), so that means that people using it are just texting that's about it. And to be honest text messaging isn't that amazing of a thing to make normal people jump on board. Where as facebook has statuses of (currently 420 characters down from 500 just two months ago so who knows what it'll be by the time i post this) some decent length and people can actually say something. Then, ontop of it, it allows them to upload photos, make groups talk in said groups, use "apps" and other such things.

Twitter=Text Messaging with a computer(or a phone if you're odd enough to use a phone app) Facebook=Social Networking platform out there to be the Google of Social Networking(ie they want to show everyone all of your info no matter what you say so that they can know you and tell advertisers so that they get all the money that they can/would want to).

and well there's still poor ol' myspace ever since it started doing 150char messages it's kinda well dead, it's just twitter with some addons, and also is well owned by Fox Corp which makes it boring to say the least.



Twitter clearly believes that if everyone knows about them, everyone will want to use them. It's not a bad marketing strategy, but imo Twitter is just no fun, and I don't see the appeal behind it. I'd rather, you know, talk to people one-to-one, not base my social life on a few public words every ten minutes.



Twitter might be popular with the quick-text-message crowd, but it's just awful to use for those who don't know all the Twitter abbreviations and symbols. Messages look like a string of bizarro English-like hieroglyphics with lots of misspellings. Plus, it's hard to tell who has replied to whom. The thing is a usabilty, text-soup mess.

While Facebook absolutely has its own problems, users aren't limited to a certain number of characters in status updates. Links to other sites or people actually look like links, responses appear in a threaded format, and misspellings generally occur because people don't know how to spell a particular word, not because they are trying cleverly to squeeze every last drop out of a limited-character message.

It all comes down to ease of use. For newbies, Twitter is hard to use and "get"; Facebook is pretty easy to use and get from the onset. By analogy, Twitter is Linux; Facebook is Windows.



Agree'd on all points except Linux broski. I put Ubuntu on PC's for people who are not very savy and find it much, much easier to deal with.

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