Twitter Going After Domain Squatter



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Holly Golightly

Wow, this is a tough one. Registered 2 years before, but used to soliticit cash out of people. I think what browsers should do is protect their users by referring them to the correct Twitter, and not the pointless one. Since it has been handed down to many owners, I would recommend them to go through with filing the claim, and shut them down. What next, Del Computers? Aser? Ebey? MaxmumPC? I think that the more popular business should be protected from thos evil paid survey scammers.



Finally something we can agree on!


Keith E. Whisman

I kinda remember either MaximumPC, CPU Mag, or Computer Shopper mag doing a story where they went thru the hoops to get an Ipod. They discovered that these guys aren't scams. So what are these guys, are they scams or what? Do you actually get an Ipad 2 if you try out a few of the services?



there are legitimate sites out there, but not all of them. i believe the dog checked one out a few years back but cant recall the specifics.


Frank N Beenes

These are the dbags that anonymous should be destroying.  Them and the spamming crack wipes that are destroying every forum these days.

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