Twitter Followers & Digg Votes for Sale – The Ugly Side of Social Networks



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 i think you forgot one of their "affiliate" sites

Maximum PC .com :P

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I'm looking at your, MrBabyMan. The sad part is, Digg doesn't care. They read his stories sometimes multiple times a week and then act like it's a fluke.



this is so sad....sad indeed.



The best description yet of those social networking web sites: Social Media Venn Diagram. ;-)



Well, my first thoughts were of the loss of integrity towards getting realiable customer reviews of a companies products and services. But, then I remembered my experiences with product reviews on, and how obvious it is to recognize the fake ones.


Sure, businesses and people will be able to get fake followers, but will they really be worth their weight in gold, like this uSocial site thinks? I doubt it.



i want a new house, paid for. any company giving me that has my attention. is that even in the fine print for the user agreement when we sign up for it? i guess i never read it to find out.  this is almost as bad as signing up on a website, and getting spammed emails 'cause they sold my email adress or something, of not, worse.



Talk about spam this is the stupidest thing I have heard of. I mean are people this desperate to let someone else find followers and then have them spam the crap out of them. This would be ok if they could find you someone that can actully buy your products but then to spam them 3 times a day. No no this would be better if maybe once a week "hey we have a product out check it out" or "hey we just reviewed this brand new rig come check its specs and how badass it is." The other thing is making public and commercial pay the same this woud be better if $10 a month for public(if you really are this desprate for friends) and the $89 for commercial so they can get the word out.



This pretty much sucks. I doubt that this will catch on though. Even if someone has over 5000 digs and over 9000 followers, I wont care if the content isnt good.

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