Twitter DNS Hacked by Iranian Cyber Army



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all you base are belong to us. also, don't suggest this government take over internet security. theyre already going to ruin health care, don't want to think what they'd do to the web.



Unless you can track who the hacker(s) is/are, this whole episode is not worthy of finger-pointing. All we know is who ever maintains Twitter's DNS servers has lax security measures. Period.


Here today, gone tomorrow. Live life.



This brings up an important question.  If a US company is attacked by a foreign government, should it be the US government's responsibility to respond?

If the Iranians blew up Twitter's physical offices, even if no one was killed, you can be sure we would consider it an act of war.  But to an online buisness, is their website not as important?  Where do we draw the line?

Taking this another step, the job if the military is to protect US citizens and property.  Should US owned websites be under this same protection?  Or is the security of their online assets totally up to the owners?



 I'f i'm not mistakenneither Twitter nore it's host control the DSN, that's Godad, et all, isn't this more a Godaddy thing?

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All your bases are belong to us!

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