Twitter to Close New Round of Funding Letting Employees Cash Out Stock



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If I were an investor, I would AT LEAST sell enough to get my initial stake back.  At that point, the stock I still had could be considered "play money".  I would be guaranteed to break even, at worst, so could then afford to have a wait and see attitude.  I would have to look seriously at any potential competitor to evaluate whether to keep the  rest in Twitter or sell it all.

I look at this as a business decision.  I don't use Twitter and never have, so I don't have any emotional attachment to it at all.  If you sold all your stock right now, you would still profit, even if it the value went up in the future.  If you held your stock and the value went down, you might not even have the ability to sell your stock, as it is locked in to the company allowing you the opportunity to sell.



When we look at Twitter's income we have to remember there are in essence two sets of books. $200 mil reported. What about all the coprporate and celebrity cash incentives directed their way.

That aside Twitter is a gravy train. They aren't going anywhere any time soon since the social network boom. It's obviously an incredible investment still considering their recent projections that they will reach 1billion users faster than they initially anticipated.

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