Twitter to be Integrated Into OnStar In-Car Systems?



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Ella Rochelle

The "best coffee in town" idea is indeed something worth thinking at. I am not a big fan of Twitter, I would leave my car at an auto donations center with Twitter implemented into the OnStart without second thoughts, but I have coffee rushing through my veins, so I believe I could make a compromise if my life is at stake. This might actually make me socialize.


Josiah Charley

I've also heard about this when I took my car to the car service Des Moines. Personally, I don't use Twitter, because I don't understand its purpose, but congratulations to those who are fans and manage to integrate this application into their cars. I hope this won't monopolize their attention while they're driving, though.



Oh great, more distractions.  As if yapping on the cell-phone wasn't distracting enough as it is.


Keith E. Whisman

I work for the same company that the lite rail operator does that crashed into a frieght train because he had to text his friends and he missed a light and crashed killing him and I think it was either him an 10 or 25 others in southern California.

It's good to know that my company has some notoriaty..

Because of that accident we are not allowed to operate any passenger vehicle including City buses with our cell phones turned on. Get caught driving the bus with your phone on and your fired. 



i honestly dont get this whole twitter phenomena. i think its the most stupidest and annoying form of social networking there is. i mean geeze, in some hospitals, you can have the doctor tweet your status of an operation while its happening. now in your car? overkill no? give me phone or  face to face any day. and im not an old fart either, just 22 yrs old....


Keith E. Whisman

I just flipped my car and it's definately cool however I'm bleeding out of the stump where my right arm should be and I need someone to please help SOS SOS SOS Pam Pam Pam Pam Pam Pam mayday mayday mayday.


nsk chaos


this will just make careless drivers even more careless........not a good idea 



I agree 100%!  Lets add another thing to distract drivers even more from driving.

Its been proven that talking or texting on a cellphone while driving impairs you as bad as drinking and driving at .10 blood alchohol.  Adding one more distraction sounds like a great idea to me!!

And Twitter, meh.  I could really care less about what people are doing.  Its just a "Hey, look at me, I need attention" type thing...

Not an old fart either.  34 and a network admin.  Only cell device I have is a crackberry that I dont use when Im in the car.  I dont pick up a call/message/email in my car unless its a dire emergency.



 txting while driving is soo stupid. At least when you're yacking away on the phone while driving you're looking out the window, but when you're txting, your eyes aren't on the road. I've almost been run off the road because of some idiot txting while driving. I shoulda called the cops on him but didn't.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-

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