TweetDeck Calls Out Sour Apple's Android Comments



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St Jobs better pipe down about app stores... I was at a conference today put on by a major Canadian carrier who's bread and butter is the iPhone... THEY admitted that *90%* of all downloaded iPhone apps are downloaded, used *once* and then uninstalled.  ie.  90% of Apple's app store is CRAP!



Tweetdeck better watch out. You don't contradict the all wise and powerful sage Steve Jobs. They might just find that tweetdeck no longer meets the stringent requirements of the appstore (the requirement being that they kiss steve's ass)



Come on guys. Even you have admitted that the Android Marketplace was basically the wild wild west. I ain't a Apple Fanboy and I don't want to drink the cool-aid, but at least with Apple you know pretty much what is in the cool-aid. In the latest No BS Podcast, you were complaining about how Android Smartphones came with minimal built in apps? Imagine being a non super techie and trying to fill those voids with apps you find at the Andriod Marketplace. Odds are you're gonna get a gotcha app instead. For those who need hand holding, perhaps the walled garden is best for them. Once they grow up, then they can venture into our dangerous world. You know you've said to yourself "How the heck does the rest of the world get along!"

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