TV, Videogames Hurt the Heart



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I wonder if secretaries can get hazard pay now.



This a perfect example of what statisticians call a confounding varible and these scientist need to be more well versed in the art of statistics



"Recreational sitting"????  Ok, what about the 8+ hours per day the average desk-jockey puts in sitting on their fanny staring at a little glowing screen? The authors of the study purposefully left out those 8 hours, and focused on 'recreational' sitting for two hours??  

There are many good reasons not to sit on your ass and watch television or play games all day and health is one of those reasons; that said, why would authors focus on the 2 hours a day we actually get to relax instead of looking at the 8 hours per day we are forced to sit in front of a computer to make a living?

Do a study on the other 8 hours and I might listen... but to say that it is those two extra hours at the end of the day (when I can finally enjoy myself) that are going to kill me?  Sorry, I won't listen to that.



The paper in books can cause severe cuts in the hands and fingers. And the dyes used in the ink and the chemicals in the paper can cause health issues.

The lighting used in most homes today can cause eye strain and result in longterm eye problems.

Our oxygen isn't as clean as it once was. We're breathing in chemicals on a daily basis (tbh if you've ever spent extended time in the forests on the west cost of Canada or the USA and then gone back in to the city, you do realize how much sweeter, and cleaner the air is outside of the city. Kinda neat actually).

The sun gives you skin cancer.

Our food gives you cancer.

Cancer gives you cancer!

Honestly... it seems that it doesnt matter what we do these days its bad for you! Well sod off ya wankers! If I want to eat McDonalds, while sitting at my computer and playing violent video games and drinking beer, with my cell phone in my pocket recieving emails and tweets, then I damn will do it.



It's what you do when you're not watching TV or playing games that could contribute to heart disease, if that makes any sense.  What if I excercised an hour every day?  How could a few hours in front of the TV be bad for my health.  Get real!



2 or more hours of screen time each day. Oh ----, that means I should be having a heart attack/sickness NOW. I spend on average.. 7 hours a day infront of a computer. and i've been doing that for the past 3 years now.

2.5 at school in the morning, 20 minutes during lunch and 4-5 hours at work not to mention any movies/gaming I might do when I get home.

I should be dead soon. Except, i'm not and my doctor says i'm in perfect health.



This cracks me up. I believe Doctors do this just to get publicity. I would like to think that now a days common sense says your life span wont be as long as someone who doesn't sit around all day drinking beer and or soda while smoking. But with in a few years they'll have an argument that voids this guys theory. 


I Jedi

"You know, they say star light can give you cancer. Then again, what can't these days?"





MdX MaxX

Doesn't that last sentence basically say "This may not be fixed by exercise, so we have to push for less sitting and more exercise."

Unless screens radiate a substance that goes through your eyes to your heart, I call this BS, just like most studies out there.


Fecal Face

Bah, I don't have a heart.



I work in IT, so I don't have a heart either...

Or a soul... I did Tech Support for HP USA and Verizon. My soul shriveled up and died along with my heart.

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