TSA Okays Keeping Portable Gadgets in Your Carry-On



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How about we drop the false sense of security and very real inconvenience and removal of personal privacy?

I hate to be one of the loons screaming, "They're taking away our rights," but in this case I have to fall on the side of anti-TSA.  The price of freedom is a little inherent risk.  The cockpits are locked up tight, and the pilots are armed -- we can't do much better than that.  Check everybody for basic guns and bombs like we used to, and let's get things moving again. Who cares about pocket knives and bottled water?

I have a higher clearance than the TSA agents do, yet I almost always get hand-checked, because my cell phone charging cable is too close to my chapstick, or something similarly unlikely to be a terror risk.



Just curious if the TSA considers a 12" Asus UL20a laptop, or a netbook? Is there a rule of thumb they are using, or is it all subjective and up to the screeners?



A Nintendo?



Almost every time I fly I forget to take my netbook out of its case first and have to go through security again. I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore.


Still, this probably doesn't apply internationally yet, and I almost exclusively fly internationally. The return trip I might still forget. :\





Keith E. Whisman

I wouldn't bring an Ipad on a flight unless you have it in a padded case in a man purse aka like the satchel that Indiana Jones always had on his hip. Call it an accessory like the girls do. This being because of how freaking fragile the Ipad is. Be sure to turn your head when you cough, the shock may damage your Ipad.

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