Try Not to Shoot Your Eye Out with MSI's Big Bang XPower II X79 Motherboard



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h e x e n

Have to agree with some of the others that the bullets look stupid as hell. Just my opinion. It looks like something a child would buy, aka, MW3 kids.



as if anyone would spend the $450 on a board (which it is likely to cost) and not replace the heatsinks with waterblocks.



Well it could be least they don't look like penises.



What's the big deal over those not liking the bullets?


Given the position of it, and the likelihood of someone looking at this board to have SLI/Crossfire for their high(er) end gaming rig is pretty significant, the bullet themed heat-sink will most likely be covered, or at least partially so...


So for those that don't like it, it won't typically be visible, or not very much so...

For those that do like it, you will still know it's there...


Also, if one were to really build a high end right around it, they may very well opt for water/liquid cooling, and while they were at it, getting a cooling block for a suitable replacement to the air-breathing heat-sink on there, this removing the item from the discussion anyway...



Have to agree.  I would specifically avoid a product like this, no matter how well reviewed, because of the cheesy fake bullets.



Have no idea why they still use dumb and fake weapon parts for the heatsink...

and finally, after all these years, all PCI-e slots! Wonder if they are express 3.0 CERTIFIED or not...

It also seems unlike the old BIGBANG, the heatpipe is "smaller" and flattened, not quite as pleasing as it looked in the original bigbang, in my opinion.



That is childish.



Debatable. On the right case, with some decent aforethought, it could look pretty cool. I mean it IS being marketed to Modern Warfare 3 gamers and the like, after all.

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