The Truth Behind Google's Army of Space Androids



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Keith E. Whisman

I was a meteorologist in the Army and that is what I always dreamed of doing. That is an awesome video. I found another video that shows the android getting hit by the string and knocked off. I didn't realize how high the weather balloons got because when I recorded altitude information it was always labeled as millibars.



Ok...I've seen at least the 2nd chapter of this video series elsewhere...MaxPC, ya gotta gett'em all! :)

On a more techie/serious note, any idea if these G-engineers had to get 'flight clearence' prior to sending up the phones?

Not to be all morbid and all, but it would kinda cool to see a "WTF?!?" look on a 747 Pilots face as an Android manned balloon shot by his/her cockpit window! LOL



Talcum X

AWESOME!  Can't wait for the next episode.

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