Trinity-powered MSI GX60 Gaming Notebook Now Available



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Say, why does MSI have that USB 2.0 port on there?

If AMD's plan to get software more "APU-aware" takes root this could be a pretty impressive performer. This laptop could even, theoretically, harness the powerful floating point number crunching capabilities of a GPU without sacrificing simultaneous graphics rendering prowess and without the overhead of passing data all the way down to the separate GPU and back.

If that came to fruition I wonder if it could stand to best the performance of a more "traditional" setup like the i5/650 of the Macbook pro.

Which reminds me, this machine has a lesser resolution than the Macbook Pro Retina but a greater GPU.

This also seems more like an "ultrabook" to me than those laptops that are actually branded as such.



I think that this is a brilliant idea. Most games are pretty much gpu dependent and as long as there isn't a bottleneck this can very well be the most affordable gaming laptop. Let's hope this niche market thrives!



Thats a very interesting laptop, I'm surprised that no one else has commented. having an apu coupled with a 7970 is an interesting prospect. Does the discrete card fully shut down when it's needed? What does the gpu part of the apu do while playing games? I doubt it could crossfire with a 7970.. Or can it? And if it did would it actually have better fps considering the performance gap between the two?



I think theoretically it's supposed to crossfire. The AMD APU is faster than the Intel HD 4000, so if all goes well it will significantly boost FPS...if all goes well.

Actually, I think the fastest AMD APU is about as fast as my notebook HD 5650. So if it's that and a 7970 at that's starting to be quite irresistible to be honest.

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