Trendnet Points a Shrink Ray at 200Mbps Powerline Adapter, Now 30 Percent Smaller



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If you've never used these things, they are great.  I use them to get concentrations of devices (like the TV, Roku, Dish receiver and Blu-Ray player all plugged into a switch) onto the broadband connection.  Set up a few old computers in the basement for linux and with a single swtich, put all of them online without having to go out and by wireless network cards.

I still have 3 XE-102 (Netgear) that haven't died yet.  I'm waiting for them to kick the bucket some day so I can 'justify' upgrading to newer, faster units.  I might be in for a wait.  I bought them years ago (like 5+) and since then, only 1 has died.

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