Trendnet Launches Sleek Media Bridge with Blu-ray Support



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Trendecide, easier said than done!

Went out and bought a Buffalo DDWRT unit (the WHR-HP-G300N) that I thought I could bridge easily for an HTPC / home theatre setup, and it was a nightmare. The unit bridged fine initially, but then lost not only its connection but the ability to reach the firmware. After wasting several hours on this balky hardware, this TrendNet unit is easy-as-pie and works just as advertised.

Customers may 'know better', and even Buffalo would not support use of their router as a bridge with any other equipment serving as the AP other than their own!



The questions here is why?  It's cheaper, damn easy and probably far more reliable to buy a router, slap dd-wrt on it and put it in client bridge mode... or go a step further and make it a bridge AND a repeater.

I guess props to TRENDnet for having customers who don't know any better.


Keith E. Whisman

I've got the Trendnet TEW652 Wireless N Router and although everyone calls it crap including MaximumPC, it works great. I use my laptop in the back yard and inside and I always get a great signal. I do love my signal completely when my wife makes a phone call on the bedroom 2.4ghz wireless phone but as soon as she is off the phone I get a great signal again. Regardless of what others say, I think Trendnet has some good products. 

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