Trend Micro Entertains Buyout Offers, Prefers to Roll Solo



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"Trend Micro is a good company."

The fuck they are.  Worst AV scanner in the history of God.  As far as their company goes, yeah, there may be money to be made.  As a consumer, however, I want to buy their products as much as I'd like to pay for a genital wart.



on this comment. They consistently rank at the bottom of the list of also rans on sites that evaluate their products against their peers.

Their only saving grace is that ASUS consistently plugs the stuff on their support CD.



You use a flightless bird as a mascot and wonder why it doesn't take off?



+1 AV comparatives shows them at the bottom of the AV solutions table they really ought to change their name to Pretend Micro



I'm not surpised. Trend Micro is a good company. for YEARS as a repair tech and DSL tech, I recomended their online scan and database of viruses when customers came to me with viral symptoms. after all, how difficult was it to remember ""? and they still make tp tier products even if getting to Housecall is not quite as idiotproof as it once was.

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