Traxxas XO-1 RC Car Races to 100MPH in 5 Seconds, Burns Through Your Savings in the Blink of an Eye



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This car is awesome! I've recently received an invitation to an auto donations event and I am thinking to go as I want to get rid of my old car and to buy a more powerful one instead. Car racing is one of my hobbies and I always dreamt to have a car like the one on this article. I am interested in buying one and I will definitely visit a car dealer very soon.



The practicality of owning one must be almost nil. At 100 mph it's moving over 146 feet per second. Unless you owned an abandoned air field where could you possibly find the room to open one up? For just bragging rights alone, makes the thing rather pricey.



I want one of those in MW3 strapped with C4 lol.



Don't hit yourself in the foot with this thing, or you'll end up with a shattered ankle.



I owned a Traxxas RC car (I believe it was Traxxas), and I bought it to my school while we were bored in tech class. Everyone else did, and I obliterated everyone else's rc car, including rending a rc car into two.

Best day ever... except for the after-repair.

I still own one :D

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