Travelmate USB Power Adapter Gives Your Gadgets Power on the Go



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i bought a mp3 player once that had a usb charging adapter much like this.

everything will charge from it that i have tried...

what we really need is a portable battery much like this that provides power to usb devices anywhere

give it a LCD screen or indicator on the side to show the batteries charge

and recharges the internal battery by plugging into a wall.

most usb devices take less than 5v and no more than 500ma to charge or run.

consider how many times you can charge your cell phones tiny battery, or mp3 players tiny battery

off of one large charge of a battery that is about the size of a notebook battery capable of storing and producing well.. my laptop here runs on 65W and 3600 MA @ 18v




I just use the one that came with my Energizer USB-powered battery recharger that was like $12.


Keith E. Whisman

I bought a device that came with a universal USB outlet adaptor that looks like this. It works great on my Google G1 Phone and on a rechargable digital camera but my GD F'ing 80Gig Apple Ipod Classic won't charge off of it.

So what gives? If it's universal why won't my Ipod charge off of it? Pisses me off.. I bet Apple did this on purpose to make sure only companies that pay a license fee can provide support hardware. I bet that there is a small ID chip in Ipod chargers that tell the Ipod that it's an Authentic Apple licensed product before it allows itself to function... Another reason to fucking hate Apple.. 



Apple has been slowly taking out support for iPods to charge via Firewire. If the pin layout on the iPod adapter is the same as the iPod firewire cables, then it will not work. I recently got an iPod nano 4th gen and it won't charge off of my Alpine cable for my stereo in my car. I did some research and found that this generation of iPod nanos won't charge via connectors designed for the firewire cables. This is actually a major issue and many 3rd party peripherals (speaker docks, fm transmitters, etc.) will not work. I have not figured out yet whether the problem lies with Apple physically removing the pins from the port on the iPods or if it could be fixed with a firmware update. In the meantime, I understand how aggravated this situation may cause you but there is nothing that we can do about it except complain to Apple. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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 Believe it or not, I think this is a phenominal idea. But that's probably only cause my phone and zen player both use usb to charge.

So I can buy a second adapter to charge at home or at work, or have this to charge everything, and even power things without a computer. All that's needed is the european power adapter.

Great price too.


(PS. max pc... I missed the geek gift guide this year. I can understand why it didnt' make the mag, but thought it a shoe-in for the web.  Sad.)


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