Travel Friendly 'Disk Mouse' Concept Looks Uncomfortable



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Oh gee I recently replaced my optical drive with an SSD...I guess I miss out!



A very stupid idea...a mouse that you put in your optical drive when you're done with it. Last time I checked, a wireless (or wired) mouse was small enough to fit in a backpack or notebook bag, and nobody complained about it.

Hmmm...sticking it in an optical drive when finished: won't tray-loading drives reject this thing once it tries to spin up and "read" it? Or if it doesn't, what happens then?



I can understand why they developed this, trying to get a mouse that is very easy to store and lug around; but more people would probably feel better with lugging around a regular wireless mouse (which really isn't all that much room) than with a mouse that does not look like there is a comfortable place to put a hand.



interesting concept but horrible design for use, I wonder how comfortable it really is? lol

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