Touchscreen Faucet Concept: Practical or Practically Useless?



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Well for me the idea of mixing electricity and water is not a real good one when it comes to daily use for the average consumer.



After my previous comment, I did come up with one feature which could prove useful:  Water usage.  While we do get water bills that show us our total usage, this could be the Kill-A-Watt for water tracking.  The downside, of course, is that--unlike the Kill-A-Watt--you couldn't move this from faucet to faucet.



It looks like a hammerhead shark.



In addition to what the editor wrote, how about an electronic remote control for the bath, so you could command the tub to fill up (at your preffered water temperature) while you work up the strength to get out of bed, or are making your way back inside from shoveling snow.



Either this thing is powered by batteries, or by electrical wiring (or maybe voltage through the pipe) but ultimately, it has to be powered as the link says...

Sorry, but I have lived through enough times where a storm knocks out my power and I have to fall back to my pre-20th century survival skills for days to weeks at a time. I'd like to have running water without having to get out a wrench by candle light and remove a fancy but de-powered faucet. Likewise, I have perfectly functional analogue measureing cups that work just fine without having to fidle with buttons or a touch screen. It's a nice geegaw, but hardly practical in life's little emergencies. (and yes, I still own a corded phone for just such reasons)



I agree with everyone else here. !00% cool idea and implementation but what problem are we solving here? Faucets get dirty with germs etc. I would think the objective is to reduce the users ability to transfer germs to the skin and to also increase the ease of use of the device itself. I'm not sure that this device acheives either goal.

  • You still have to touch it.
  • How can using a small touch interface be simpler than turning a knob?


Sorry DORO Design. You get the "E" for effort but an "F" for functional failure as you bring no added ease to the handwashing process.




Useless...I like touchless faucets (the one where you run your hand under the IR sensor)...

Plus, some five-year-old will manage to get the thingamajig wet and fry it, effectively allowing NO handwashing or sink activities to go on within that particular bathroom/restroom.



While I give this an A+ on the "geek factor" (and a C- on the design itself), how is transitioning from no-touch faucets, which are extremely common nowadays, to touch faucets any sort of progression?  Seems more like a regression.



Why would you want a faucet that you have to touch with your germy hands? We already have plenty of those.



If only it were voice activated (Sink Technology I suppose).

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