Touchless Gestures Introduce Minority Report Style Input to Windows 8



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Lets face it guys, this technology is already outdated; not to mention the fact that a cheep new solution is already around. Remember Leap Motion, it is coming out early 2013, January I think, and it already is workable for win 8 and able to be used once plugged in via usb on any device. Also they talk of integrating it into future laptops, phones, tablets, and making it work for monitors of desktop.



This is exactly what I was waiting for before upgrading to W8. The ability to wave my arms in a back and forth motion and look like a complete jackass in the process.



"especially if Windows 8 is the roaring success Microsoft hopes it will be."

Hilarious. :)



Well that tears it. It's never enough, is it? I can't even find the damned Windows-key! If "M$" and their like-minded abettors in tyrannical progress don't stop trying to bake such steep learning-curves into their products I'm going to start fires.



This does look like some cool tech. Too bad it will probably be cost prohibitive for the average user.




Build this into a 27" monitor and keep the price down and I'll buy one and put it between my other two 27"ers.



now the question is, how close do you have to be, and also if you are just trying to move your hand will you push the wrong button or tile on the screen. I can see it now reaching across to grab your favorite drink and shutting down a important doc you have been working on for hrs.


Bullwinkle J Moose

I had the same question

It would be nice to give Windows 8 the Middle Finger from across the room to shut it down

FU__ OFF & begone Windows!



Oh, that one made me laugh!



More gimicky crap to sell another gadget



That is cool, but I still think that touch or motion control is still better suited to small devices and not large monitors. I don't want to have to wave my arms around to do things that I can do by moving a mouse 1 or 2 cm.



Ok, not a fan of Win 8, but..... this would be a great way to use it. It could even work with desktop systems. If this is priced right, it would easily gain popularity and would probably boost sales of Win 8. Heck I would even switch to Win 8 if I had this.



Hopefully backwards compatibilty for existing 'non-touch' laptops that upgrade to Windows 8! That kind of utility would be genius!



Did you not read the entire article, as this is hardware based not software based. The hardware to support the component software needs to be built into your existing hardware, which it is not since this is new.



I was thinking along the lines as as Kinect like mountable plug in. Maybe I just read into it! Regardless, cool stuff.



Hopefully, there will be versions of the to-be-released hardware that can attach to legacy hardware (i.e. hardware that does not have this functionality can perhaps have a couple of dongles attached to it to give it said functionality) so people who want this functionality won't need to buy all new stuff.



Not going to happen, that makes no sense from a business standpoint, the goal of hardware (Very cut throat business btw) is to sell units.

And even so it just wouldn't be practacle to do. Even if they decided to try and sell a simple laptop/monitor mod instead of all new laptops and computers, which is not likely. There isn't really a simple one size fits all solution, if its just like a small sensor you mount ontop of the screen it would have to fit all different thicknesses while still remaining COMPLETELY stable so that if you breath while pointing at IE explorer you don't go to Windows Media Player.

This is a cool tech, but I think it is niche at best, using this would bring ALOT more fatigue compared to a simple keyboard and mouse.

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