Toshiba's Latest Drives Ship with Self Destruction Technology



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Keith E. Whisman

Politicians and those that trade in child porn (both are the same type of people right?) would really find some good uses for these things for when the FBI raids their houses to take their computers. The politician/child porn freak would just have to remove the drive from the system and power it up or something like that. 

Is the data irretrievable when it's been invalidated? 


I myself just don't break any laws and really don't keep private data on my PC. When I start College on the 23rd it's going to be a completely different story and I'm going to be using my USB keys a lot more especially when I'm writing papers and stuff like that.  



I don't leave any personal information on my laptop's HDD. All of my personal info is stored on my thumb-drive and kept in an inconspicuous place. Two reasons: if a thief decides to break in my home, they likely didn't break in to steal a $5 thumb-drive, so they likely won't bother, even if they see it in on my bookshelf - if they will even notice that is. And second, I don't keep personal info on my HDD because I don't trust my laptop's HDD enough to keep important info on it - sometimes it makes clicking noises and what if I destroy my HDD after I drop my laptop and lose all important data? IMO, flash drives are essential. I've just grown up that way I guess. Ever since college, all of my papers and electronic assignments were on my thumb drive. My HDD is just there for the OS, music and videos.



Living in the city like I do there's always a good chance that my computers could be stolen by somebody throwing bricks through my windows.. a drive that wipes itself when removed from the computer would at least make me feel better when it comes to worrying about ID theft and whatnot.  I'd imagine PC repair shops could use these to make their clients feel safer about their backups not being abused as well.


Keith E. Whisman

You have to say these lines into you mouse.

Destruct Sequence 1, Code 1-1 A

Destruct Sequence 2, Code 1-1 A-2B

Destruct Sequence 3, Code 1 B-2B-3

Adm. James T. Kirk set for 1 minute count down.

Destruct Code Zero Zero Zero. Destruct Zero.

Your Hard Drive will self destruct in 60 seconds, have a nice day:)

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