Toshiba's 7-inch Thrive Tablet to Ship in November, Too Early to Talk Price Cuts?



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Uh, it's two hundred dollars more... best guess at anyrate, and while the thrive IS a full tablet compared to the cut down Fire, I have to ask... do most people USE those extra features?

I don't even use the camera on my smartphone, so I can't imagine using the cams on a tablet for more than maybe scanning a few things through Google Goggles... and compared to most people I know, I'm a power user.

The Fire is going to burn a lot of more poweful tablets is my bet. Slates like the thrive will go up like matches in a furnace. The only real question is can the Fire cut into the iPad's turf? On the surface there doesn't seem to be a snowballs chance in hell of that happening, but like I said... most people don't USE the extra features of a full tablet. It's a media consumption device, so if the fire can pull off what it claims it can and provide a fast, smooth, experience across the web, streaming video, and reading... that's better than 80% of the iPad's market right there.

An apple afficionado I know is already plotting to buy one or two Fires for his kids, mostly cause he wants his iPad back mind you. lol

In the end it's going to come down to two deciding factors, I think. The first is a lock for Amazon, and that's their name brand and MASSIVE ecosystem... the second is whether they can make good on their boasts. If the Fire is everything they claim, we've got a new sales winner. That's not to say it'll be the best tablet out there, but it could very easily be the best SELLING one.



That Toshiba's looking petty sweet. For only $100 more you get a real tablet. Forced cloud media on a wifi only device will only suit people who never leave home. Freaking Fire doesn't even have an sd slot. The Fire isn't competing with tablets, it's competing with the Nook Color.

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