Toshiba Trots Out U925t Convertible Tablet with Intel Core i5 CPU



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This is something I could want. I was telling the wife the other day that I would like a tablet, but that I could not do without a keyboard to get work done. What's something like this weigh in at? The only downside is 128G drive, but maybe not a big downside.



All this is meaningless without price.



Exactly, from the way it sounds, it will be around 1,200USD, which is waaay out my price range for a tablet



I think we're starting to get a blurred line here between tablet and ultrabook/laptop. With something like this, is it a tablet or is it an ultrabook? The answer to that question seems to determine the price point.

Is it the keyboard addition, or the processor it's running? Is it the solid state drive as opposed to mechanical?

Things are getting a bit tricky now.



The bottom line for all these goodies is do you need them & PRICE.I paid $1500 bucks for a notebook for a toshiba with a hddvd drive only to discover 3 weeks later that toshiba dropped the hddvd format. tosiba bad. I don,t like bad tastes in my mouth.



As much as I tend to hate to side with the big OEM's because I'm jealous that they are richer than me.

You can't blame that on Toshiba, you were an early adopter when a very heated format war was happening between HDDVD and BlueRay.

You can't blame Toshiba for this anymore than you could blame Walmart for selling you an HDDVD player or LG for making one.

You were an early adopter and as such there is always the inherant risk my friend.

The same thing is happening now with Intel's Thunderbolt, great nifty tech, but still not yet widely adopted, while there is a very good chance it will be because of Intel's pushing power (Ultrabook crap as example 1) if it falls to USB 3.0/4.0 then Intel can't be to blame.

Something better/cheaper/easier just came by and said "I'll be the one to win this battle, not you good sir."



global format wars-the only winning move is not to play

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