Toshiba is Third Wheel in Western Digital's Acquisition of Hitachi



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Always a loophole for the duopolies...



Such a deal! We'll give you this flooded factory for free. I wonder just how much it is actually worth, and what it will cost to clean it up and make it operational again. The original owners may have had insurance to cover some or all of the flood damage. I doubt that coverage will also be transferred. If I were the recipient of such an offer, I would say "make it operational first, then we'll talk".



Sunk cost is sunk. If you own it and it's designed to work, bringing it up to spec (when it's not that out of spec.) is never as expensive as building it out of nothing. What this really means is that Toshiba won't be able to produce as many HDD so their market share will shrink a little bit.



Here, we have 1 American company and 1 Japanese company swapping assets in Asia, because of regulatory concerns from the Europeans ??

Somebody's gotta tell the Europeans to F' off already.



Indeed. Remember that browser ballot that they forced MS to do? That was the first time I took Microsoft's side ("Why should we?") in a long time. If MS decided that they wouldn't be releasing Win 7 in Europe, the EU might have been singing a different tune.



Completely agree. The US patent/regulatory system is a fucking joke, but the EU is just as bad with their random tantrums one day and their inexplicable behavior the next.

On the plus side, since Seagate is on my shit list after the floods for raising prices (purportedly because of the floods), shipping the exact same number of drives, and then posting record earnings, I will now be boycotting their asses for the foreseeable future. Glad to know I'll be able to buy a Toshiba drive soon.



Except that Toshiba's hard drives aren't known for quality.



and Seagates were???

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