Toshiba to Tackle 3D TV Market in Summer



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I tried out a 3DTV demo at my local Best Buy last week.  It was rubbish.
They claim the glasses and the overall effect are somehow superior to that used by movie theatres, but to my eyes, it was exactly the same effect that gave me a headache while watching Alice in Wonderland last month.






I can't see 3D taking off for TVs. Maybe for big home theatres (i.e. those that use projectors or something). But it seems more annoying than anything else, esp. for stuff that isn't specifically made for it (witness how craptastic "Clash of the Titans" looked... now think about "CSI" or "House" in 3D).

This is a waste of money IMO.



With all this hype surrounding 3DTV, I'm surprised I haven't heard one word about 3D videogaming. Seems like that would be a stronger market than movies.



 3f videogames are in your computer already. both NV and AT support analygraph (red/blue glasses) 3D support for a whole slew of games, including World of Warcraft.

I have tried both of these cards and the results are about the same, definitely 3D in WOW but the colors are washed and it's hard to focus properly. 

Give it a try!

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