Toshiba Tablet Coming Soon to Best Buy



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Staples will be selling the tablet as well.

Staples may not be the first thing you think of when you buy computers/tablets/electronics, but they do have some great deals and are competeing well in the electronics department.



Probably do the smart thing and just add a couple letters and numbers together, then increment somewhere when a new revision comes out, like they do with their laptops.  Consistency is the best approach here.



Searching for a good tablet can be frustrating at times, but no matter what Tablet you choose DISH Network can provide you live TV and DVR content to it without any additional charges. As a DISH Network employee I can tell you how this works. First you need to have a compatible 722 or 722k DVR with a Sling adapter. DISH Network if you do not know where to find the Sling adapter DISH Network can provide you with one for $99. If you have are new 922 DVR you do not need the adapter because you will already have one built in. DISH Network offer the own free app for this called DISH Remote Access that you can download on out on-line website. Come and check out what mobile devices this works on.



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Die in a fire!

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