Toshiba Super Sizes New Android Tablet Line with 13-inch Model



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My galaxy tab gets like 7 hours battery life playing movies, my laptop that has a $90 double size battery can't live for 3 hours without a charge no matter what I'm doing, double the battery in a 13" tablet and your looking at all day real world mobile computing. Here's hoping the mod communities are up to this one. Winner... tablets.


Philippe Lemay

"The 13-inch Excite will feature a 1600x900 native resolution, while the 10.1-inch boasts a 1280x800 resolution."

My God... Apple is going to KILL the competition so hard this year. The biggest pull that a 13-incher could have is as a serious e-reader. e-books, e-magazines, PDFs, schematics, x-rays, blueprints... what-have-you. But 141 PPI... that's just... NOT ENOUGH. Christ, the iPad3 may be smaller, but it's pixel density is going to offer massive amounts of detail in comparison. And at a lower introductory price. It will be no contest.

I want to love Android, but come on developers! Step up!



Not enough for what exactly?

My brand new 15.6" laptop has a 1920x1080 screen. That's 142 PPI.

My brand new 24" monitor is 1920x1080. That's 91 PPI.




Android is really great but all of these device manufacturers need to start bringing it. They don't do Android a bit of justice by not giving Apple (and iOS) a run for their money.

I have this bad feeling that Windows 8 is going to suffer the same hardware mediocrity. None of this is the fault of the OSes or their creators but it sure does suck for consumers that the hardware manufacturers are just content to nut-ride Apple and pick up their crumbs.

(Disclaimer: I like most things Apple makes but I also like healthy competition which drives innovation.)



So this has nothing to do with Apple's cult of personality? It's ~all~ Android maker's fault because they are not as good at brainwashing their users into paying cadillac prices for chevy parts and grinning like drooling idiots for the privilege?

Sorry, but the problem is not all the fault of Samsung, HTC, and others. There's a lot to love in android devices, and really the only mistakes they have made so far is falling into the same walled garden strategy Apple uses. If they opened it up like other linux devices do, Apple would quickly crumble under the levels of choice provided.

Really, the problem comes in with the vendors, who want to treat tablets like over-sized cell phones instead of under-sized PCs. Something like only 15% of tablet users spring for a cellular data connection, so stop trying to lock those customers in and start treating the devices as open pc-like platforms and you're likely to sell a lot more. Stop chasing Apple, because you'll never out-brainwash Cupertino.



Yeah: everyone's stupid and "brainwashed" if they like one product. that Apple makes. (But "NOT SO" if 9 out of 10 buy computers from WalMart or Staples with Windows pre-installed for them. That's a different kind of blind acceptance.) The whole world is a bunch of iPad-using zombies just waiting to awaken from the spell of Apple. Samsung-users (all five of them and the rest) are some heroic underdogs with serious insight into what's going down when people start coming to their senses.

Too bad this position would predictably be completely reversed on Mac marketshare. Then it's all like "everyone knows better than to buy those overpriced/underpowered pieces of crap!" Apparently Apple is really bad at brainwashing since they can only do it for iPads and pretty much nothing else.

Find some balance. I was not bashing Android. My comment offered a reasonable explanation for why these makers sell for crap and yours was nothing but a bunch of vague predictions. Talk to me when your prophecies come to pass.

Some people like the "walled-garden" because it has everything they need. Others, like you, will prefer open-source and total customization. The latter I really don't understand. Especially coming from people who generally say "a tablet is no PC!" Why are they wanting an oversized iPod Touch to behave like a Linux desktop??

(Sorry for the "tone." That's the politest way I could disagree with the time I have today.)



For $600 I could get a real laptop with a real operating system that I can do real computing on.
I work on a cargo plane that does 16-24 hour days and i need something portable with a long battery life that will quickly sort through about 3 phonebooks worth of reference material. I bought a Transformer because I have very specific needs. Why are normal people buying these?
I wonder if people will ever realize that tablets are really just toys.



I am going to respectfully disagree. I have a nice desktop computer but I find that I use my Transformer about 98% of the time. Unless I am doing video conversion or PotataShop, my tablet is the one I reach for the most. So convenient ......
Best purchase I ever made.



I read this too on engaget. Their price points are high and their screen resolution is still sub-par to ipad. I am intrigued by the 13" but after thinking about it some more i rather spend the extra money and get a ultrabook.



I find the majority of tablet prices are too high. I'm not going to pay the kind of money that would get me a decent laptop (or even a good laptop...$750; really?) for what ammounts to an oversized version of my cell phone.

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