Toshiba Recalling 41,000 T130 Series Notebooks



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Seriousy, what's up with Toshiba laptops and their AC adapter problems? It seems like everyone I know who has had a Toshiba laptop has something wrong with their AC/charing/battery, whatever it is. To spend $600 on a laptop only to have it break after 2-3 years and thereby, having to buy a new laptop, the person would've been better off just paying $1000 for a Macbook that actually works and lasts a very long time.



Did you know the number 3 cause of failure in MacBooks from 2007-2009 (after hard drive failure and keyboard/top cover faults) is a defective DC IN Jack? Those magsafe jacks are just as crappy as other manufacturers jacks, only the Apple ones pose a potential fire/shock hazard if you get conductive debris caught in it and don't notice. I have probably replaced at least two or three a month for the past few years. Doesn't sound like much but it is a very high percentage compared to the volume of Macbooks we get! 

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