Toshiba to Launch Windows 7 Tablet in Japan Next Month



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Dell's solution is well under $1k but the proc options in this niche leave something to be desired.



I'll be darned... I saw this featured at a type of small trade show last month and thought that it was a prototype only version that would unfortunately never come out for consumers. Good to see that it will be hitting the market soon; and even though as the article states, "no word on international availability", I would really look forward to having it in the North American market.

I've had all to many requests for an item such as this; one that both runs Windows and may also have the "availability" of running some Office related apps.

Also a hint aimed toward literally any manufacturer, please... Would also welcome a 64 bit version of something like this. Also, based on this article system specs - could it be capable of running a full version of Office?



There's been one around for nearly a year now.

My customers love it - at least the ones willing to pay the price ($1200) !!!

This thing runns just like a laptop - with a touch screen.  I haven't found anything to complain about with it.

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