Toshiba to Launch a Trio of Tablets at CES



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Keith E. Whisman

7"? Come on Paul don't encourage these guys. If you want a 7" tablet just by a stupid phone. Tablets need to be 10" inches minimum with smaller units delegated to cellphone duty. 10" inches is about the minimum size to be at all productive and production is going to drive these things. Everything else will follow after these things can successfully be used with office software for like taking class notes, email, calender, spreadsheet, and basic word processing. Then it should be able to do a great job at web browsing, and basic gaming like the online Java gaming. It should be able to stream video from any streaming site you want to visit. And it should offer a market option with the ability to goto your Local Walmart or Frys electronics and buy off the shelf software designed for your OS.



But the Bigger the tablet the more expensive itll be to replace a screen crack if you let your kids play with it.(but case if you have kids).  And maybe some people dont want an ipad and want android. Also dont have $500 to spend on one. so what do you do. Buy a cheaper one. And if you want a tablet 10 inches min. Get a stupid netbook. Its the same shit.

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