Toshiba Improves Portege M700 Line with i7 Option, Multi-touch



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Already 10 years into the new millenium and notebook/tablet makers still cannot figure out how to get more than 3-4 hours of battery life out of a notebook.  I can't see spending $1K+ for a Core i7 laptop that will only give me a couple of hours of use without needing a charge.  I'll stick with my netbook with 6-8 hours until something better comes along.  MyASUS netbook runs Windows 7 Pro pretty quickly with only 2GB of RAM.



Once again, this isn't a gaming tablet. Sure, a Core i7 tablet can be very powerful, but it'll still fail in 3D applications, especially if Intel's doing the graphics. HP has a tablet with proper graphics but a crappy proc. Why can't we get a gaming tablet someday? When will Alienware be doing something like that? Sure, tablets are mostly for business customers, but there are STUDENTS who use them and students are often gamers.

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