Toshiba Faces $87 Million Pricing Fixing Fine, Proclaims Innocence



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Toshiba didn't price fix. LCD's are a niche market. /s
I guess if we want the "latest and the greatest" (lol), we must pay!!



My theory: there's huge pressure from OEMs and integrators to keep margins razor thin from manufactures located in places with 1/6th the cost of labor of the U.S. and when things get so hairy that the raw panel manufactures can not even pay pensions/leave for unforseen emergencies, OEMs throw out "price fixing" lawsuits when raw panel makers stand their ground on margins.

Bet the same happens with memory, except there are stupid patent issues thrown in too.



that's an epic cat!!



Hmmm, I think it's time to start opening the books on all technology companies I can wager that this is going on everywhere. It's just a matter of not getting caught. I mean come on Apple, your stuff is not worth that much.



It's not quite the same. Collaborating with other large companies in the market so that a single product is artificially high priced is essentially making an illegal deal to manipulate the market.

However, if a company offers its own "unique" product (i.e. Apple iProducts) that no other company offers, then the company's internal management can set whatever price it wants.



They're worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. Don't blame Apple if they're prices are high, blame the millions of people willing to pay those prices.



So they price fix, people buy, they get caught and the government gets the money?

Wouldn't it be better if people were able to return the product for a full refund + they pay the fine. I mean, it is the consumer that paid for it.

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