Toshiba Announces 256GB SSD with MLC Controller



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it is probably going to cost a lot. :c(

but i would buy one if it costed $600. they are just a dream imo, can you imaging not have to buy a new harddrive anymore, because your old one crashed! and they last forever!!! dream. 



Finally, SSDs at a capacity that I would actually consider using. Not that I'll be able to afford it. Still, I can't wait to have a hard drive that I won't worry about breaking if I so much as look cross-eyed at it.



I could be wrong but from the Toshiba specs in their article it looks like the gonna run on 5V....I just checked the schematic for my PC Power&Colling 750w PSU the only 5V I see is on the main power connectore for the mobo....seems like a silly decision IF Toshiba is going to require a 5V LEAD !


The SATA pinout has both 12V and 5V on it.....will this Toshiba work on a normal SATA cable? 



I can't wait for the price to drop. Since a fast RAID will help Photoshop I'd love to try an SSD with PS.



If the price for this is under $300 i think people would consider buying it. Also do SSD's require a certain motherboard?



They just require a MB with SATA (or IDE whichever they make them, but I think they are all SATA) inputs, thats all.

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