Torrent Tracker Demonoid Goes Down for the Count



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I love how much of an extensive search the US authorities are putting into finding people who run these websites, and how much time in the slammer they're being threatened with. What ever happened to the guy from MegaUpload? Wasn't he being charged with like, 700 years for his website? And we have rapists and murderers getting out of prison just a few years after they get there for good behavior.

As V said, "There's something terribly wrong with this country."



Everyone knows real pirates use Usenet. Obviously. Torrents are for the unwashed ignorant masses.



Usenet? Bah, I've already given Skynet control of my computer by agreeing to let it download what I want for me. Fair trade off I say. Entertainment for free at the expense of my digital soul... and perpetual enslavement of the human race.



Wow. What will I use now?



All the points made are valid, but you forget: There are a lot of people I meet every day who has a very poor understanding of torrents and "pirating". For example, they think thepiratebay is the only pirate site that works with "the BitTorrent thing" - if it went down, they'd likely have no idea how to continue to get their music for free, except maybe trying frostwire and getting lots of viruses for their trouble. Taking down Demonoid certainly won't stop piracy, but it may take more than a few people out of the game.


Peanut Fox

Is the Gazelle network even capable anymore? With Limewire being shutdown, I figured that pool would have been tapped for it's users.



If I launch a DOS attack, it's illegal. If the movie industry does it, it's just peachy.



One player falls, another takes it's place.

I'm surprised people still use open(ish) trackers such as this.

Trying to battle pirates is like the war on terrorism - sure you can fight it, but you'll never compleatly get rid of it.



The US has been fighting Muslim terrorist for hundreds of years.

Listen to the them song of the Marine Corp...
From the Halls of Montezuma
To the Shores of Tripoli...

Thomas Jefferson fought the Pirates off the Barbary Cost (aka Muslim terrorist)

side note to anyone else: Don't be asinine, I know not every single Muslim is a terrorist! However, the largest chunk of terrorist happen to be Muslim.

The point is...the fight has raged for hundreds of years, and will go on for the foreseeable future.



But wouldn't it make U.S. terrorist also when they went to Africa an terrorize the inhabitants to get slaves in Africa. Or when U.S. gave blankets to indians with small pox (aka biological warefare). I'm just saying. :(



Check your history. Only a small handful of white went into Africa for slaves. Largely the slave trade as supplied by African tribes taking captives from neighboring tribes and then selling them to the white man in order to get rid of their competition. Much like the current slave industry is run currently in central and southern African countries. However they are now largely sold within their own countries, or to neighboring countries now, rather than to lazy Europeans.

Also English, Dutch, French are largely blames for the slave trade that almost entirely run by the Spanish and Portuguese.

Largely the Native America's were also killed by disease brought to them by Spanish & Portuguese explorers.

Most of these events were done before the US ever existed. See it pays to pay attention in History class.


Keith E. Whisman

But, but Islam is a religion of peace.



Don't believe everything you read on the internet, or see on TV. At least some of it is pure fiction.



Good advice! But I'm reading this on the internet, so...........


The Second Comi...

Chicken Pants thinks that if the software companies made better products people would feel more confident in buying them. He also recognizes that people steal. Such is life, and all the laws in the world will never change human behaviour.



The simple fact of the matter is that it's really too late to pretend like shutting down a single torrent search engine/host is going to change anything...

Prometheus has already given fire to man, it can't be taken back now...

The torrents are out there, both on innumerable torrent search sights, of which more pop up literally every single day, but also the files themselves are by their nature distributed among both hosted storage and of course the "seeds", not to mention the partials in the "leeches".

While illegal activity shouldn't be done, it's going to continue... It's akin to a posted speed-limit... Sure you're only supposed to go "65mph" or whatever, but I routinely see people scorching down the highway like it's the autobahn...

This matter is like a hydra, and cutting off one head only makes that many more pop up to replace the loss... The people on both ends, supply and demand, aren't going to diminish, they will in fact increase.



Old adage: Locks are to keep honest people honest, not to keep thieves out.

How about: Where there is a will there is a way.

Maybe these should be kept in mind when dealing with piracy. Honest people will continue to be harassed my attempts to stop piracy, and pirates will continue to find ways around those attempts.

Every single county (or to my knowledge) that has ever exist has had some kind of law against theft and prostitution. Going back thousands of years and yet they have always existed. Prostitution isn't called the oldest profession for nothing. There is your example proving the above.



Well, thankfully all the information taken was probably backed up on a single portable hard drive, since they were mostly trackers anyways. I'm in favor of PirateBay, MiniNova, Demonoid, et al just releasing updating tracker lists to every torrent site out there. Shut down one, 10 more spring up with the same exact functionality.
Piracy will never end, even if things went the way of a complete Police state a la V for Vendetta. Censorship is never complete and only breeds an underground culture who specializes in circumventing the controls. It also breeds radical groups like Anonymous, and all the rest, who retaliate however they can. Though a simple DDOS isn't really a big deal, a massive enough strike done just right can fry physical servers.
If these kids really want to make a statement, go the way of 'Hackers' and organize a viral destruction of some of these corrupt organizations they like to rage against.
Demonoid will be back in one form or another, and more attacks are sure to come using this as an excuse.



I wondered how this could be, a rather sketchy shutdown of a torrent site based in a former Soviet Bloc nation of Eastern Europe, the Wild West of the West, but then I saw the line about "US Involvement". If we're going to intervene in the affairs of foreign nations with our awesome presence, I would like it if it were limited to the "cool" stuff, eg: the incursion into Pakistan in 2011.

"Those responsible for running the site are still at large and believed to be in Mexico."

Well then, if they're like everyone else in Mexico, they'll soon be here, in the US of A, and we can arrest 'em for, erm, well, I'm sure someone can come up with a worthy crime to pin on 'em. ;)

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