Torrent Site Mininova to Go Legit



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Looks like we'll have to get torrents elsewhere now.



There'll always be TPB!



Or, you could simply grow some balls and steal from a Best Buy or steal from a Walmart.

Whats wrong? Afraid?



...I would steal from Best Buy or Wallmart but then id still have to covert music to mp3's and Movies to AVI.Not to mention having to pay retail price and waiting in line behind jerk offs like you.

F' that!!!!

I'd rather just find another torrent site where everything is served in a silver platter in the comfort of my own home.

Thanks for your suggestion though, i'll be sure to take it under advisement.



I love Maximum PC and all, but it never fails - everything I read from this RSS feed is days behind the other blogs I read. Yesterday I was literally thinking "God I hope that's the last mininova article I see" and this one shows up this morning.


What gives? Why is MPC always so far behind other news sites? Does it have something to the nature of being a print company?



 I notice that MPC will use their print articles online but only after a suitable wait period as to not piss off their subscribers (like me!).

I just like this site for their good coverage on hardware and the well written articles. This is the first site I come to after the news. Slashdot is much more current but I dislike its brevity, poor writing,  and multiple links to actually find the real article.

  Its OK, MPC. Just keep up with the well written articles online.



Good, I personaly think every bittorrent site should be help responsible for keeping copyrighted material off of their website.

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