Torchlight Update Adds Achievements, Steam Cloud Support



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Man, for $19.99 this is a great game.. And for $9.99, this is an awesome way to kill time. 

Not sure what everyone is looking for in a title that doesn't exact revenge on your wallet, but this is a really fun game!  Get it!  Especially for $9.99



guess runic had to get a title out the door for this Christmas season


fixed camera....   point and click to move.... 


do not waste your money or more importantly your time on this game   there are to many good games  

 if runic wants to make a name for themselves  they certainly need to do better than tourchlight




Of course it is another Diablo type hack and slash game. Believe it or not, Runic designed it that way! 

But if you don't like it, I'm sure no one will because well.. your tastes are so great?

Because when a company publishes a game, they are just trying to make a name for themselves...




No excuse for the fixed camera view. Blah.



Honestly, this game has childish graphics and is about as simple minded as it gets, three stats, which may do up to two things each, also, you get a childish looking pet to haul your junk back because apparently the player is too busy pressing one button.

I seriously have to ask who writes this bile.



What exactly makes graphics "childish"?  Could I suggest maybe that your invective-laden post is childish?



I really dont understand whats so great about this game. I bought it when it first came out because a bunch of my friends were talking about how good it was. Honestly though, I got bored with it after about 5 hours. There wasnt anything special(except OMGZ YOUR DOG CAN SELL STUFF FOR YOU) in it. The skill trees for the different character are really basic with few options that arent available to other classes. Maybe if it had multiplayer, I would enjoy it more. I'll have to wait for the MMO.

I would rather play any of the other hack-n-slashes I have than torchlight.  TitanQuest, Dungeon Siege 2, and Diablo 2 seem much more fun to me.



Agreed.  Glad I didn't pay for this.  Got ridiculously bored with it after about an hour.



I agree, the skill tree in the game seems thrown together without much thought.



I love sweet and spicy. Just bought it, thx guys.

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