TomTom Navigation to be Bundled with HTC Phones



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I have used Google Maps where it looses the net connection and then you loose your navagation.  Not good.  If I'm running around town and pretty much know where I'm going I'll use Google Maps.  If I'm going somewhere where I don't know the area and need to know the gps will work, I pull out my tom tom.  I actually like the interface for my tom tom better, it's just quicker to use my phone around time.  Also Tom Tom seems smarter about planning routes, makes changes quicker if you miss a turn, and can get traffic info and reroute you.  Google maps needs to improve, but it is free.

But I think the price needs to be low to compete against free google maps.


Peanut Fox

Honestly I think it would have to be more than low.  It would need to offer something that Google Maps doesn't and I'm having no trouble at all finding the reverse.  Seriously,  almost every street in the US has at least been driven on once by a street view car.  Can the guys behind Tom Tom say the same?

Garmin and Tom Tom are just another market segment that Google has killed off.

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