TomTom Losing Interest in Personal Navigation Devices, Will Reduce Workforce by 10 Percent



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Smart move by TomTom, I really don't see PND's existing at all in a few years. 

I'm an installer, so I spend my day punching in addresses to peoples' houses. I used to use a Garmin, but the accuracy on the thing was terrible and it couldn't find houses reliably at all, probably due to the fact that I do a lot of work in new construction. Plus, map updates cost like $50 which is total BS. With my Android phone though, I have Google maps and a little GPS in there, and it has never failed to find anything at all, plus I get restaurant reviews, live traffic, and even sattelite pictures of most houses. 



I hope this doesn't stop the free maps for mine. I much prefer a dedicated device that is portable from car to car and to walking.



I still prefer to have a dedicated PND for when I may go out of 3G or better coverage (still quite a few back roads with limited coverage). Dedicated devices are still better at their assigned tasks than multi-use devices like smartphones, too -- plus, you don't have to run down your phone battery if you forgot the charger or buy a special mount for it.

Still, I prefer Garmin, so no big deal ;-)

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