Tom Tom Navigation App for iPhone Released



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 Paul Paul what is th ebest route to gouging customers for a GPS app?

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I used Navigon on IPhone, it's really good but TomTom would be better.



I am ready to join the Dark Side and trade off my G1 for an Iphone.  I really wanted Android and the G1 to take off, but it's just like gaming consoles - hardware don't mean sh*t if there is no software for it.  I mean there are a ton of apps for the G1, but hardly any professional ones.  This is a perfect example.  They make EVERYTHING for the Iphone, accesories included.  I understand that there are problably tons more Iphones in operation versus the G1, but you would think T-mobile, HTC & Google would be trying to coax companies and designers to build more & better apps.



I've had a palm Pre since a week after it launched. It might not have a lot of apps at the moment, but it comes with turn by turn voice directions FOR FREE! I understand that Tom Tom is trying to pay the bills, but you can pick up a Tom Tom stand alone unit for around $60, but if you just want the software it'll cost you a $100. I don't understand why they didn't make it $20. That is much more reasonable, especially since its just the software.



       100 Bucks! They're out of there minds. The IPhone already has a good map system and if you stay on the purple line your fine. I like the idea thou. Turn by turn is nice but not for that price. If thay made it 10$ or 20$ it would be more reasonable for the majority of IPhone users to spend the extra cash and thay would probably sell 20x more of the app and make more money. I just couldn't justify spend a Benjamin on something I don't need since I already have something like it already.


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have you seen the prices for stand alone maps for dedicated GPS devices? Garmin north america map: $99, single installation so don't lose the DVD. and don't forget the $200-$600 for the device.


Some maps are even more expensive, middle east from garmin, which is only 6 countries is $199 and the saudi maps are 5 years old ... GPS/maps is an ugly business.. is an interesting project and we all need to contribute to it.



I don't know what the built-in system is like since I don't have an iPhone, so maybe I'm about to say something stupid. $100 is a significant savings over buying an actual TomTom, so....



The problem is, it's not.  You don't get just the software, you need the car kit hardware as well.  That's another hundred to a couple hundred bucks on top of the 100 bucks for the software.

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