To Buy 1K iPhone App, You Don't Have to Be Rich. Just Stupid.



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I am not really that surprised.  The Iphone is a semi-productive, very expensive toy.  With so many basic features missing and the inability to realy use it in the business world it is no wonder that someone would be attracted to the chance to purchase the app as a way of showing status.  Apple has always been good at packaging mediocre products with great GUI, or other types of "cool" UI, but not really being of any use.



I think P.T. Barnum said it first......



I think what happened here (to somewhat echo the sentiments of the "Those.Bastards." post below) is that Apple put far too much faith in an oft-ignorant user base.  I think Apple initially approved it knowing it was a joke, but making the major mistake of assuming that it would basically just go ignored, except for giving the observant user a good laugh.  Maybe the initial thought was "Well, no one will buy this stupid thing anyway, and we don't want the developer to potentially be a pain in the ass if we don't put it up there."  So, even though there was really no good reason for allowing the joke, there was a small reason to avoid rejecting it on that basis.  Myself, I still think Apple should have rejected it from the onset, but at least I can walk myself through a possible thought process that isn't totally unreasonable.  Why someone would pay a grand for ^#*$ing red gem is utterly beyond reason, however.


So, yeah...  Yet again, stereotypes are being reinforced and this just screams: iUsers = Epic Fail



This to me is why Gordon Mah Ung is the greatest geek ever. He KNOWS Mac Users are Latte Sipping bastards, and the fact that plenty more people would have purchased that app for their iPhones proves his point. It would cause a black hole, due to all the ***damn yuppies that would be sitting by the window of Starbucks, talking on their self-righteous Bluetooth headset, with their new 3G iPhone resting on the iGloat (a picture frame like stand that attaches to the back of the iPhone for public display, also know as the iSleeze), with their iPhone on the home screen, facing the window of that Starbucks, so that all passerbys know that these bastards are rich, dumb a**holes.

In essence, Apple did something kinda smart. Really, I don't hate Apple, I just side with Gordon when in comes to those select Apple users who are latte sipping bastards. I myself want an iPhone, just for practical reasons. I like the phone and wi-fi functionality, I need an MP3 player (still have never had one), and the 16GB version is actually cheaper than the Touch with a new contract.



Yeah, i believe a mac fanboy would buy that.


Pentium 0

Genious...just genious... i cant believe i didnt think of that...

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