Tip: Microsoft Readying RC of Vista SP2 for February '09



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I've used Vista for over a year now on my laptop, and it's caused zilch problems. I've switched from XP to Vista Business 64-bit on my desktop because I added 4GB of RAM to it. While the 64-bit version has caused some hiccups, there wasn't anything Google could find to solve what I needed.

And if you want to port DirectX 10 from WDDM to whatever XP uses, go ahead. But on that note, why don't you port DirectX 9 to Windows 98? Besides, if people are all like "OMG, DX9 looks EXACTLY like DX10!"  then why are you complaining that there is no DX10 on XP? It's not like DX11 is going to introduce any new graphical features aside from tesselation, and even then it'll take a few years for a game to use it and a video card that'll efficiently render it.



I have been using vista ultimate since the beginning, and I've had no issues what so ever. why is there so much animosity towards a company, that with out them god knows where we would be today. Look I'm not saying Micro$oft is without flaws, but I can say when ever there is a wide spread problem they are generally pretty quick to fix it. You can only test so many outcomes in a controlled environment. I'm sure there were tons of people that had problems at first... But I bet there were just as many people, my self and everyone I know included, that haven't had a single issue. how many people are still having problems with it??? I haven't heard of many if any new major issues that have cropped up. lets not forget it is hands down the most secure OS there is right now (out of the big 3 of course; Windows, Apple, Linux) and that's got to be worth something. Oh and if they were sooo bad why do they still control the market?



I am so sick of peaple bashing vista all the time,if you dont like the OS (for whatever reason) just dont buy it!And saying that MS was stupid to put DX10 only on vista is like saying Nvidia are stupid for not putting Dx10 on there 7sereis cars,new technology mean new upgrades DUH!!



Vista .....failed...go back to the drawing board.....only a true idiot, would buy Vista now.  While I'm MS bashing, if you tie DX11 to Windows 7, you're gonna have another failure.  DX (anyversion) should be ported to every OS from XP and up.  People paid good money for those OS's and you just slapped them in the face.  HUGE mistake!

The way to market share success, is to KEEP the sutomers you already have, not abuse them.  Ther is NO reason what-so-ever that any API or game should be tied to a specific OS.......

What you effectively did with Vista was tell people that they were morons to stick with XP...people don't LIKE to be told that.  I still run XP and will continue to do so until you release an OS that isn't forced on people and doesn't force people to purchase it to get the next gen API.   

Sure Macy's says:  buy our new fashions..but they DON'T say:  You will be called ugly and stupid if you don't.  They also don't say:  If you want a zipper on your' pants you must buy our NEW products...GET A DAMN CLUE!

Is THAT a simple enough analogy for you, Microsoft?



MS Can't put direct x 11 on a OS their not producing you know. And like Win 98 they stped producing new XP discs.



Really? So they can still deliver secutrity and hotfixes untill 2011 for XP but not DX? Seems JUST A LITTLE STRANGE. If you think its anything other than an artifical method to force people into "up"grading your a fool.


PS. WTF MXPC why doesnt the FF spell cheker work on your coments section? For a PC mag its rally stupid that your website is so fubar.



I have been Using Vista HOME Premium for a few months now on my Machspeed MSNV-939 Amd Based Nforce430 including a creative audigy and I feel It is much faster than my prvious 32bit install



I got Vista Ultimate x64-bit from a friend. No problems except for the Creative sound card. Randomly switches speaker volumes. Only if Creative could fix this.



vista 32bit works fine on my system.

but when it comes to the 64bit version, it's hell.

i wonder if this update will make vista 64bit work for me.


Keith E. Whisman

Does anyone have any further details about SP2 for Vista? Will it give additional functionality to an already good OS?

Thanks for the heads up...

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