Time Warner Takes on Hulu, Netflix with New "Look Back" Service



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I have to disagree guys. Sure I hate the idea of not being able to fast forward through commercials when using the "start over" feature currently available, and will hate it with this feature.

However I love the start over feature and love the idea of this feature. As a father of two sons who get very upset if they miss the shows they wanted to watch, and who has to often give up his own viewing time I think this is a great feature. Too often I can't watch something because the dvr is already recording two shows. And I can't tell you how many times people say "hey did you see that show last night?"... then I wish I had.

Start over didn't cost me any more, I don't think this will either. As long as it's free I can suffer through the commercials. I understand that companies have to get paid.

I do however agree with the ala carte idea, but that's not what this article is about, thus it's irrelevant to the conversation. But I will say that I also understand that they offer packages because that's how they are sold channels, and if you could get rid of all but the 5 stations you watch, 90 percent of the networks would fold overnight.

I think the only issue that bugs me is that they are overpriced. In that issue, I'll offer no arguement whatsoever.



The only way this idea could be worse is if they decide to charge for the service.  This is a desperate grasp at an idea they arrogantly ignored years ago.  I would love for the FCC to make a rule that forced the cable and dish companies to offer all their channels separately and could not make the aggregate of said channels cost more than any package they chose to offer with the same line-up.  By the looks of my DVR there's only about 10 channels I would care to see.



They can keep adding stupid features all they want but it still doesn't mean I want to pay over $100 a month for TV. We all want the ultimate feature: Pay per channel. Of course that will never happen because who would pay for crap networks like Lifetime Movies? Time for survival of the fittest. Give us ala cart for channels and if nobody pays for your network too bad so sad.



I agree.  If I had al-a-carte choices, 99% of the channels would not be picked.



They just don't get it. The majority of people who DVR shows or use Netflix is because we don't want to see commercials. By not allowing people to fast forward through commercals I don't believe it will be well recieved.



I'd rather DVR it and blast through the commercials.  Saves me time as well, lots of time.



for reals, this is beyond ridiculous. kudos for "trying" but the point of a dvr is to record the shows you want right? so whats the point of this doodad besides finding more ways to rape the customers (if they indeed decide to charge for this)

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