Time Warner High-Speed Data Customers Total 10 Million Strong



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Currently I have Time warner Internet only, running 15-20mbps.  I only pay about $45 and I got the wireless router Free.  The internet is super fast compare to my previous ISP; CLEAR Mobile internet.  Now I'm having some issues with Packet Loss, my internet slowed down and I did a test using ping test website.  Its a bit weird becuase when I play xbox 360 online the gameplay runs smooth and I have perfect signal, and I'm using wifi on the 360.  Just my laptop that is slow wifi and connected by cable.  I tried a second computer, but same result, so No idea whats going on there. 



Lol where do you live? I have Time Warner and they charge me $54 a month for 7 mbps.



Their TV service is crap. I'm seriously considering dumping their cable tv service. Lets see, their two main non-cable competitors offer extended DVR services for free, but on TW, you have to pay A LOT extra. Rediculous. But I'll never dump the cable modem...


I Jedi

I have Road Runner (Time Warner) and I can't really complain. The scare in '09 about a possible data cap was cause for concern, especially when their highest plan offered a cap at 100 GB; however, these fears have been gone for quite some time, as the good folks in Texas knew how to say,"Hell no" to Road Runner's implemented bandwidth cap, which scared Time Warner from proceeding again to do such a scheme, for now at least. My average ping is about 30ms, while my average download is about 10-15Mbps with a databurst of 20Mbps. The upload is 400Kbps. Personally, this works out well for me because my family is not heavy-usage when it comes to the Internet bandwidth as I am. Even then, I'm not streaming Netflix, playing Counter-Strike: Source, and visiting YouTube songs all at the same time. I download roughly between 40 GBs to 60 GBs a month of data while my family, as a whole, might only use between 10 GBs, and that my be a bit too liberal.

Personally, I don't know why people are upset about having a 10Mbps connection? You only need about 5Mbps to stream HD and play OnLive. Now, if you wanted to make the arguement that everyone in your family is using the Internet at the same time, I would ask what are they doing that would bog-down a 10Mbps? Hell, my brother and I both play multi-player games at the same time, while my folks surf the web, and we never notice any slowdown.



Time Warner wins race of one person race!



Time Warner sucks so much. I live just outside of RTP in NC and Time Warner is really the only viable option I have. Time Warner is a joke pure and simple, back in Michigan's Upper Peninsula when I was going to Michigan Tech we had Charter which offered 10mbps down and 1mbps up service ancd digital cable with HD and some premiums for less than I pay for my Digital Cable with HD and no premiums with 7/0.375 service, its an absolute joke that the UP which has less population in the entire area than RTP has, has better internet and cable service.



Standard RR in Ralaiegh is 7/.375 ($57.95 with no promos); Turbo is 10/.5 - and Wideband is $99 per month.  The state legislature (Time Warner bought and paid for) is passing a bill to prevent towns from competing against the duopoly of Time Warner and ATT/CenturyLink.

Net is that RTP, home of Cisco, IBM, and formerly Nortel, can't get any decent broadband.  UVerse seems to have stalled in this area.

I want the HK broadband that is $199 HK for 1GB symmetrical.


Insula Gilliganis

Just upgraded my Time Warner Road Runner earlier this week in Raleigh, NC to WideBand DOCSIS 3.0.. 50 down/5 up.. a lot better than my 13 down/0.35.. yes ZERO.35 up that I have been getting the past few years.  Of course I am paying twice ($99.95 a month) what I was paying but my teenage son hasn't complained about lagging once while on XBox Live, and that was the main reason for upgrading.  Got a new modem (UBEE DDW3611) that has WiFi N on it but no instructions came with the modem and none that I can find online.  I have found that these links have helped me set up the modem correctly  http://www.city-data.com/forum/raleigh-durham-chapel-hill-cary/1226467-twc-broadband-packages-arrive-3-16-a.html and http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/r25524438-Ubee-DDW3611-Bridge-Mode- as you have to change the router from NAT to Bridge Mode if you are using a router.



They have a duopoly in the Green Bay/Fox Cities area in WI. It's them or AT&T (no thanks) for broadband. Sucks to have no choice in carriers. Costs $54 a month for 7 mbps.



Too bad their service is more expensive and sucks by comparison.

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