Time Warner Cable Will Uncap Service for $150



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Say it to them! I just forwarded this email to all my friends, telling them what's up. Send em an email and let them know how you feel.


Do it.



pure effin extortion.



This just exposes Time Warner's greed even more.



Overage price caps. To quote Time Warner's wording exactly, "Overage charges will be capped at $75 per month." This is something cell phone companies should be required to do by law. It is all too easy for wireless data plan overages and "roaming" charges to go into the thousands of dollars. Not only that, but when such things do happen the telcos honestly expect such customers to pay up, no matter how ludicrous the price is. See /article/news/att_charges_woman_5_large_overage_charges_gets_sued

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.






I Jedi

If only everyone were so fortunate to have FiOS or other major ISP's in their area, rather than one dominant one.


teh 1337 haxxor

The way I see it, TWC is trying to eliminate competition from online streaming media services such as hulu and netflix. By watching streaming content on the internet, we're watching less cable TV, and thus fewer commercials that allow TWC to generate revenue. To stop this, TWC is going to a) increase what we pay for high speed internet and b) limit how much online streaming media we can watch over the internet. Increasing what we pay for high speed internet is going to generate more revenue right off the bat. Limiting bandwidth will ensure that we keep watching cable TV, and not online streaming media. It is absolutely ridiculous that we should have to pay for service like netflix TWICE. Once to netflix for the services, and the second time to TWC for the bandwidth. TWC is out of f*cking line and something needs to be done about this bullsh*t.


TWC MUST provide a way to monitor how much bandwidth you have left in realtime. 



The fact that they are "allowing" unlimited bandwidth for $150 is a joke. I live in one of the test
areas. The current 10/1Mbps unlimited service is $40 a month. The $150 figure comes from the new price scheme where 60 GB/month is $75, and the maximum overage charge is $75 dollars. That is no way to serve unlimited usage. The Comcast 250GB usage cap is reasonable, and users over 250GB per month at this point in time are a strain on the network; 40GB/month is not a strain on the network it is average usage when streaming television is used.

The real story is that none of the test markets have any real significant competitors. The DSL provider in my market has announced they will go cap free, but their service is just not as fast. It is advertised as 10/1Mbps, but it does not perform up to par with cable.

The other side of this story is the fact that they claim these price jacks and caps are “tests,” and that they need to extra funds for DOCCIS 3.0 infrastructure. When asked if the caps would be reexamined after DOCCIS 3 was rolled out at our expense, they had no comment.



!@#$ them.



what are the overage fees? or do they just cut you off?


I Jedi

15 the first gigabyte over and I think 2 dollars for every additional gigabyte. 



The cap on peoples internet will make live streaming for the folks at 4 player podcast, near impossible, because of the cost and the fact that their only internet is that or slower at&t. i hate this new idea, its nearly as bad as the plan to make people pay by their mileage, not per gallon. greedy bastards.


I Jedi

Goodbuy TimeWarner.. Hello AT&T (even if it's DSL, at least I can go over 40GB!) I use to dislike Comcast for their bad acts in the past and still frown upon it, even if they don't do it anymore. However, I wish they were in my area... 250GB a month is way better than TW 40.




The first time I get an overage bill they can kiss my service goodbye.  I got enough to worry about.  I dont need to be concerned with how many GB's I've downloaded before I reach my limit.  

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