Time Warner Cable Bemoans Lack Of Porn Sales, Could Internet Be To Blame?



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Last time I looked at the price of those they were $14.99 to $29.99 to RENT!! If they lowered them to $2.99 or something they would make a ton of cash but stupid is...

Same with their Pay per view movies at $4.99 to $8.99 - have to be one heck of good movie that I was waiting for and 4 feet of snow on the ground before I would not consider walking to the corner Redbox to rent it for .99.

When HBO finally cuts the cord and heads to a pay plan with HBO GO I will drop cable but probably will have to pay $150 in internet costs since they will have to make up for it somewhere by charging me $10 for every GIG I use or something.

Sad there isn't many bytes left in the bucket, I hope someone figures out how to create more bytes soon. ;)



Why buy the cow, if you can get the milk for free?  Ummmm OK, bad analogy.....nevermind....lol.



I hate it when companies state that they "lost money." It was never their money to begin with.



What I find really funny is then they decide to raise their rates to make up for the shortfall.. of money that was only their's if someone decided to buy PFV.

Cable account "We're losing money because people can watch stuff on the intenet for free!"

Cable brass "Since there are now more low cost or even free alternatives to cable what can we do?"

Cable analyst "Well lets raise our current rates to make up the short fall."

Cable customer "Their raising my rates again? Well that's it I'm going to start using Boxee and Netflix instead!"

Rinse and repeat till cable becomes a memory.

lol more corporate idiots that just don't get it.


Holly Golightly

Yeah, but out of that 95% of webspace occupied by porno... How much are malicous and virus prone to your computer? Probably only 10% of those porn sites are actually reliable. It is dumb to pay for tv with commercials, it is even dumber to pay for adult content. Apparently some guys just have a lot of time on their hands.




I don't think it's time they have on their hands.


Holly Golightly

Yeah, they have their boring selves to hold. I just feel that if he needs to watch porn, he is a loser. Why watch it when you can get on in the action. Plenty of fine women out there to date. I never waste my time watching that stuff, do it!



Don't pay for tv anyway, bring it on you money grubbing douchebags.



Ditto. I don't pay for TV, movies, or porn, so they can all kiss my ass.



You mean...there are actually places on Al Gore's Internet where I can find pics and videos of nekkid ladies??

Who woulda thunk?  :p

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